John Erdall Graphic Designer
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Looking Back On Nostalgia

A longing for the past...

Are our memories happy because were lucky enough to experience them, or sad because we know life will never be the same again? This is the constant dilemma that comes with nostalgia. Since nostalgia is different for every individual, I thought that the one thing that a whole generation can feel nostalgic over is toys and games. After spending months traveling to thrift shops and antique stores, I curated and photographed some of the most popular and most nostalgic toys people remember. All these toys and products from the past are used to create an installation, representing how the past will forever be cased in glass and how nostalgia has the ability to somehow access it. This project strives to convey the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia for any individual, taking a trip down memory lane and opening up the old toy box again.